Storage facilities should remain clean and organized to prevent mice

Storage facilities in Midland NC are perfect for keeping your personal items safe. Despite the property remaining safe from burglars, mice can be one huge challenge you might underestimate.

Mice are destructive pests that will chew and tear through everything and can cause huge losses. You can keep them away from your storage, but it requires looking through several things to make sure that they can function well. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep the storage facilities well organized and make sure that your personal items stay protected.

Here are some expert recommendations on how to keep your unit mice free.

Leave the unit clean at all times

Cleaning your unit is the most effective way to keep the mice away. Mice are attracted to dirty spaces and will likely occupy the storage unit if the area is not completely clean.

Sweep out the unit often to remove items that might attract mice. Empty trash cans and leave everything else tightly sealed and neatly stored away. Check any possible hiding spots and entry points and seal them out to keep mice out.

Avoid storing foods

Mice are also attracted to food and will often stay where they can have something to eat. Therefore, all types of foods are prohibited in storage units and rightly so to avoid attracting rodents.

Store your food in airtight boxes to avoid rodents getting to your home. Anything destructible like wood boxes can be chewed through as the mice seek food. Instead, use durable materials like plastic, glass, and metal containers to store the foods.

Have mouse traps in the facility

Having a mouse trap helps with mice trouble in your unit. You can use it to catch the rat while preventing possible infestations in the future. In addition, removing one rat from your unit can help prevent the problem from growing further since rats multiply in huge numbers.

Avoid poisoning the rats and use traps instead since you would not want any dead rats in areas of the unit you will have trouble reaching. In addition, dead rats start to rot and can cause a foul smell in the unit.

Cedar wood chippings deter mice

As a proactive measure, use wood chippings to deter rats naturally. For example, cedar trees have oils that produce a smell that most pests do not like. Placing them on the ground may keep mice out permanently.

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