Storage facilities can assist you to manage home renovations

Storage facilities in Salisbury NC can help you keep personal items safe during your renovations. Despite the coronavirus’s negative economic effects, you can be one of the many homeowners who is remodeling their house. A recent survey revealed that 52% of those who were in the middle of a restoration project remained with it, while 47% merely put it on hold. That’s true, only 1% of homeowners who renovated their homes stopped the process entirely. When remodeling your house, you may use a personal storage unit to your advantage whether you’re updating your kitchen, bathroom, home office, or everything. Here’s how.

How storage unit use during home renovations benefits you

The safe and secure space that self-storage offers—with an emphasis on size—is the biggest and most obvious benefit to home renovation. By taking a glance at the room you’re remodeling, you may determine the number of storage containers you would require. For instance, a compact home office is likely to simply contain a desk, a tiny bookcase, or other smaller pieces of furniture, all of which can fit into a 5 by 10 space. In contrast, larger rooms like the master bedroom, living room, den, or kitchen should be 10 by 10 or 10 by 20 in size.

In addition to the room you’ll require, there are important storage options you may use to safeguard your possessions. To effectively preserve your priceless possessions, start with security. Strong security measures include electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management. Find a unit with climate control if you reside in a region with harsh seasonal weather. This function keeps the temperature and humidity at a steady level to protect electronics, leather, and other weather-sensitive materials.

Finally, think about using drive-up access, especially when storing the contents of bigger rooms. With this function, you can easily drop things off and pick them up by pulling your car, truck, or trailer right up to the storage unit. Some things will need to be covered but stay away from heavy plastic sheets because many things need air to breathe and to prevent moisture from forming. Using a notepad or your phone, make an inventory of everything that is going into storage. Selling or donating any stuff you no longer need or want will help you declutter your home. There are still guidelines to keep in mind and go by when it comes to putting your possessions into storage, such as never stacking everything in one big pile for convenience’s sake.

Find the best storage facilities in Salisbury NC

Home renovations might require that you leave some space for the project. Find the best storage facilities in Salisbury NC for outstanding results. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.