Storage facilities in Salisbury NC and how to keep track of your belongings

Storage facilities in Salisbury NC are often avoided by persons who are concerned about misplacing their belongings. An inventory of the objects in your storage is all you need to get started. Here are some pointers for creating a storage unit inventory.

Systematically begin with the boxes one by one

Storage facilities experts in Salisbury NC advise you not to worry if you didn’t have a plan in place in the beginning. Creating an inventory of your self-storage unit is a simple process that can be done at any time. Start in one corner of your storage facility and go box by box while compiling your inventory. The box’s contents should be emptied, take everything out and make a list of it, return the things to the box, and use the same name for both the box and the list. You should print off two copies of the list, one for the box and one to keep on your desk for reference.

Make a comprehensive record of everything

Storage facilities professionals in Salisbury NC advise that every time you remove or add an item from your storage unit, you’ll need to update your inventory list. A master list in an excel spreadsheet is thus convenient. The contents of each box should be included in your master list, along with the box number and label. It will also be much simpler to keep track of what you have in your unit if you create a digital master list.

Maintain the accuracy of your to-do list

Storage facilities experts advise that when you remove or add items to your storage unit, be careful to update your inventory. Everything, no matter how large or tiny, should be documented in your inventory. Make sure that all of your files, whether physical or digital, are up to date. This makes it easy to remember where you put things and locate them later.

Organize your space with shelves and identify them

Storage facilities professionals recommend that in addition to making it simpler to locate what you’re looking for, using shelves in your storage container will keep it clean and organized. Put all your bedroom storage boxes on one shelf and all your kitchen storage boxes on the next. Be sure to name your shelves, as well.

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Storage facilities in Salisbury NC and inventory management

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