Top storage facilities

Top storage facilities in Harrisburg make winter boat storage the ideal option to not only preserve the value of your boat or craft. It also gives you the ability to perform any servicing in the comfort of a climate-controlled storage unit.

Below you’ll find the significant maintenance issues a boat owner may face; and how top storage facilities can address them at Harrisburg, NC.

Harrisburg storage units stop fading

When boats are left on the water, they are exposed to all the elements 24/7. There are harsh wind, sun, and heavy rain, all battering every inch of a boat. Paint jobs or color schemes don’t take too well to this kind of abuse, and if there is any upholstery, if boats are left on the water, it is exposed to all the elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The wind, the sun, and the heavy rains that hit every inch of a boat are incredibly harsh. Paints or colors don’t look good, and if the boat is upholstered, it can become dirty, discolored, and, in the worst case, cracked.

Based on the size of your boat, you can either slip it into one of the sizeable climate-controlled storage units or cover it with a high-quality tarp and store it away from water in your local storage facilities at affordable prices.

Winter storage facilities stop split hoses

Boats can have many hoses and belts on them, and become brittle and crack at extreme temperatures. When boats are out of the water and protected by local storage facilities, they can be shielded.

The damage can be avoided and easy to inspect before hitting the water in warmer weather and running the risk of being stranded on the water in Harrisburg, NC.

Keep rodents out of storage facilities

Sheds and garages may be used for storing boats in the winter, but they usually attract rodents looking for a warm and pleasant place to hide. Under these circumstances, if the boats are kept out of the water, they fit the bill nicely.

Climate-controlled storage facilities have the potential to help avoid these problems because local storage facilities usually spend a lot of time taking precautions to keep rodents outside of their storage units.

Harrisburg NC top storage facilities

Maintenance is far easier when a boat is out of the water. Besides being protected from the weather when stored under cover in local top facilities, the boat can be accessed for maintenance in any weather. Any parts to be repaired can be set aside with the required tools rather than being moved away each time.

Any boat owner struggling to find the perfect winter storage solutions, consider contacting Mr. Storage for any storage needs you may have. We offer units of various sizes at competitive prices. Contact our office, and the staff will be happy to explain everything you need and help you find the right unit for the size of your small boat.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.