Storage facilities can be a blessing at this time of year. Summer camping can be a wonderful way to reconnect with nature, but now that summer is over and we’re heading into fall, where do you plan to put all the equipment?

Camping gear can be inconvenient and take a lot of room in your home or apartment so organizing it correctly could save both time and money. You will not want to search for things to find you don’t have what you are looking for, or it has been damaged through incorrect storage.

Here are a few tips to make sure you camping gear for this year is stored correctly.

Clean your camping gear before using Concord NC storage facilities

You will find over your summer camping trips, your equipment has been exposed to moisture and dirt. Once these are packed away, they can suffer and deteriorate by the time they are ready for use again.

Tents should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. This includes and tent poles, ground sheets and tarpaulins you use. Any hint of moisture on these can cause mold to breed once they are folded. Sleeping bags need to be washed and dried as per manufacturer’s instructions.

For clothes and boots, these need to be cleaned and stored in large plastic totes. This can let airflow around your belongings so they don’t smell. Never use mothballs in your clothes when you put them in storage facilities, it is better to use cedar blocks as these repel bugs and make clothes smell nicer.

Separate your gear ready for your Concord NC storage unit

None of your gear should be stored on the bare concrete floors of storage facilities. Over the winter, damp can be sucked up by materials and cause them to become damp. Use dolly’s when stacking your plastic totes, or use garage storage shelves.

Separating equipment also makes it easier to keep track of your items.  Cooking utensils can be stored together as can any other camping equipment you have.

When storing tents and sleeping bags, rather than using stuff bags they come with, or the pack for your tent, hang these loose to allow the fabric to breathe.

Camping electrical gadgets and batteries

If you are storing any gadgets you use for camping, be it flashlights, GPS units or radios; be sure to remove the batteries before you put them in your storage unit. Aside from this, keep batteries separated from each other as if they leak, they can interact with others.

If you have electronics, it is advisable to use a Concord NC climate controlled storage unit. These can keep the right ambient temperature for your gear and fend off rodents and insects better than a unit with drive up access.

Concord NC camping storage facilities

Depending on the amount of camping gear you have can dictate the size of storage unit you will require. If this is the only thing you will store, you may get away with one of the smaller storage facilities units. However, if you have a lot of other camping and sporting gear, it may be worth checking out a larger unit, and packing everything away for the winter.

If you need to know more, and you are ready to pack up your tent for the last time this year, then contact Mr. Storage and the staff can help you determine the right sized affordable storage unit to make sure your gear will be ready for next year, and many years after that.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.