How do I store my collection safely in Midland NC?

Mini storage is ideal for any collector’s items; however, with the rise in events such as comic con, there is more demand for space than ever before.

Each kind of collectible requires different storage means, such as packaging, hanging rails for costumes, and much more. The primary factor is the environment, and climate controlled storage fits the bill for any collector’s item you have.

Here are some tips for each type of item you may have in your collection.

Storage of comic books in Midland NC

The perfect place for your comic book collection is a darkened location with a cooler temperature and relative humidity, such as in a climate controlled mini storage unit.

Comics must be placed in comic bags with acid-free boards support boards and placed in a comic box. There are various types of comic bags to consider, but we advise to use polyethylene.

The pouches will also come in a range of gauges. Thicker bags are often the preferred choice, so pick one with at least 2mm thickness. When you are packing your comics in bags into a box, be certain to stack them. You may not always have the number of comic books to fill a box. Stuff the leftover area with paper and place a card against your comics to avoid them falling over. 

Self storage for costumes

Carry out proper washing care after each use and before storing your costumes. Before storing, make sure all items are dry. Storing damp outfits can lead to the growth of mold or mildew, causing damage. Self-storage with climate control will help prevent such damage.

The way they are stored depends on the costume. Many garments can be folded and placed in plastic boxes, but some of them will have to be hung. If you are hanging up costumes, use plastic hangers to avoid damaging them with wire or wooden hangers.

In addition, allow ample space between objects for appropriate ventilation. Use sheets of white, acid-free tissue paper to divide garments, both for hanging and for placing them in boxes. Cedar blocks are a better option than mothballs to protect against pests.

Storage of action figures in a local storage facility

The direct sunlight, the heat, and humidity, are the greatest threats to collectible action figures. To maintain them in perfect condition, store them away from these elements. Renting a climate controlled mini storage unit addresses these issues. If your figures are not in boxes, you must clean them in advance to avoid the dirt and dust contaminating or harming the paint. You can also place individual figures in separate plastic bags to keep them from touching each other.

Wrap individual and boxed figures in sealed plastic containers before transporting them to your Midland NC storage unit. Plastic storage bins are an excellent choice, as they will prevent the entry of moisture and pests. Group together your collection by categories and tag the boxes to organize your items. Use shelving to increase storage organization and avoid the likelihood of boxes dropping or collapsing in piles.

Get ready for the next big comic event in Midland NC

Collection items of this nature is big business, and even with the internet, the growth of physical collectors’ items grows each year.

If you have a lot of the above or memorabilia and it is taking up too much space in your home, then you can contact Mr. Storage and the storage professionals will go through all you need to know about storing collection items and clothing in a climate controlled mini storage units.

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