Do you want to pack like a pro for your Midland NC self storage unit?

Storage space in Midland, NC

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Storage space is never enough, no matter where it is. Belongings can accumulate quicker than you think. Even with a self-storage unit, you can find you don’t have enough space. There are plenty of storage tips on how to maximize space, but, if you want to pack like the pros do before they send stuff to their local storage facilities, then read on.

Any cardboard box doesn’t make a good self storage box

Cardboard boxes can be found almost anywhere, but ones which are located in the local supermarket, or come with other purchased items are not ideal to use in a self-storage unit. Small to medium-sized boxes are the best size, and you might end up with more as a result.

Large boxes might appear to be the best choice, but they lack strength and will collapse quickly. Heavier items should be in the smallest box possible with fragile items being covered and the box labeled as fragile.

Packing clothes inside a Midland NC storage space 

Wardrobe boxes are useful for more than one reason. You can hang clothes that you don’t want wrinkled, and they also allow air to circulate. Clothes which are packed in plastic bags can get moldy really fast.

Once inside your self storage unit, you can use the storage space on the top shelf of any racking because they won’t be too heavy, and if it is seasonal clothes you are hanging, they will be there for the long-term.

Sealing and labeling boxes in your self-storage unit

Many people who use storage facilities make common mistakes. This can be from not using the right tape, and also not giving the boxes a label, and creating a master list of where each box is located. Sealing boxes with the right tape not only stops them opening but when boxes are sealed and packed correctly, they have less chance of collapsing.

The master list can save hours of searching through boxes inside storage facilities. This is one of the most significant time wasters any Midland NC storage unit user faces. It might seem like hard work in the beginning, but when you need to find something in the middle of the night, you will be thankful.

Midland NC pros know their storage space

To put things into your storage unit in an efficient manner, you need to think like the pros. They leave plenty of space between boxes and place larger items toward the back of their unit. The storage pros also know how to visualize what will fit into their climate-controlled storage unit.

This takes plenty of practice. If you want to know what will fit in your storage space, and what won’t, call Mr. Storage and all your questions will be answered by the helpful and friendly storage facility professionals.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.