Are you a collector or an artist?

Storage near me can be such a great place to keep your art collection in perfect condition. They are quiet, they are not exposed to direct sunlight, and with a climate-controlled storage unit, the art pieces will be at the right temperatures and humidity levels. No matter whether you are an artist, just have a collection, or are moving to a new house; caring for art pieces is a lot more involved than simply locking them in the local storage. Here are some tips on the best way to do this.

Art pieces in a Harrisburg, NC storage near me

If they are not stored properly, paintings can be subject to serious damage such as:

  • Broken frames
  • Torn canvas
  • Spillage of liquids
  • Discoloration from cigarette smoke, cleaning products, and other chemicals
  • Fading from sunlight, central heating, or damp conditions

These are just a few of the more common issues. If your moving team is careful, they will take every precaution necessary to protect your art collection.

Packing your art

Packing precaution should be exercised regardless if your space is temporary, or long-term. Here are some tips and suggestions of how to care for works of art in Harrisburg, NC.

  • Create a barrier

Paintings and art pieces need to be separated away from each other and other items. Thick blankets can prevent dents, scratches, and markings.

  • Protecting frame corners

Frame corners are the key areas for damage. You can purchase protective covers which can protect all your frame corners.

  • Never use newspaper

The ink will leech from the paper into art surfaces.

If you have space, you should hang your artwork. Art is meant to be hung, and this is an ideal way to avoid needing extra packaging for protection. Try to avoid stacking it against other pieces.

Safe painting storage in Harrisburg NC

A climate-controlled storage unit is definitely the best location for paintings. No matter if you move to a new house, or have a large collection, and just needed space to keep them together for a while.

If you are not sure just how good it is, then just contact Mr. Storage, as the entire crew is acquainted with the storage of artwork and will make sure it is not damaged. Art is there for everyone to enjoy, so don’t think cutting corners to save time and money is worth doing.

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