Is there a way to store my couch?

Storage space is fantastic for furniture and many other things similar, yet you do need to care for them while you have them stored to prevent them from being damaged.

The best times for using your local storage facilities are if you are renovating or moving home. One of the bulkiest items that cannot be broken down is your couch. Rather than dumping this in your storage unit, you do need to take a few steps to make sure you care for it in the right manner.

Here are some of the ways you care for it inside your Salisbury NC storage space, so it comes out in the same manner as it went in.

Top tips for couch storage in Salisbury NC storage space

Before storing your furniture, you must clean the item thoroughly to avoid deterioration. The same goes for storage of couches. Professional cleaning of your sofa is the most effective option, and while costly it can remove all the crumbs you may miss, yet rodents won’t.

It can be the same with some elbow grease, yet you may wish to avoid this extra work.

On fabric, couches check the instruction tags. These tell you the type of material so it can be cleaned correctly. Many materials can be cleaned with some water and mild detergents, make sure they dry properly, or they will go mold while in your Salisbury NC storage space

You can polish leather using soft cloths and leather polish. Alternatively use a 50/50 mix of natural white vinegar and olive oil.

Transportation and storage in Salisbury NC storage space

After cleaning, protect your sofa from scratches, marks, and dusty dust. Disassemble your sofa by removing cushions and feet for easy transport and storage if possible. For feet, look at covering in bubble wrap. If removable, when wrapped in bubble wrap, put them in a bag.

Fix the bag inside your sofa so that you can quickly locate them again when needing to put them back on. Pillows can be wrapped in loose-fitting plastic or fabric. For short-term storage, plastic bags are suitable for storing cushions and plastic sofa covers to cover your sofa.

We recommend using loose cloths or padded cushions for long-term storage because they allow air circulation and stop mold forming.

Finding ideal furniture storage in Salisbury NC

It is easier than you think to find the ideal storage space in your area for caring for your furniture. It can be as simple as contacting Mr. Storage can, and the helpful staff will go through all you need to know about storage of using your storage space to the most effective.

Add to this; you can set up your account and settle billing without the need to visit the office and speak to the staff face-to-face.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.