Is a cheap Kannapolis, NC storage unit worth the money?

Storage space more times than not comes to mind of homeowners that are planning a move or downsizing. However, there are some questions and factors to be taken into consideration before considering anything which on paper appears to be a cheap self storage space.

Why, in one of the most stressful times, would you want to use a storage facility that doesn’t offer you the full range of services?  You can find plenty of storage space advertised through discounts and special offers. However, do you know what these include, or is it a good value for money? Here you can find out if you can save money or not.

Cheap storage facilities may offer cheap amenities

When clearing out, redecorating or moving, often people will keep their storage units longer than they expect. Understanding running costs is vital in these times, where budgets can already be overstretched.  Since many storage facilities are dispersed, there is no reason to be responsible for poor customer service.

To avoid being hustled, always do online research and verify customer reviews on the reputation of a storage company in Kannapolis, NC. Better yet, if you have someone you know that has already made use of this storage company, you can always ask them their opinion.

Things to question about Harrisburg, storage offers

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself in connection with a storage space that you may want to rent.

  • Does the self-storage facility keep duplicate keys, or do you have the only set if locks are purchased from them?
  • Is the storage facility organized and clean, with all amenities and the lighting in good working order?
  • Are all the storage units all clean, dry, and well serviced?
  • Is there limited access to the gates of the storage area, or is the storage facility accessible 24 hours a day?
  • Is the storage facility located in a good site with easy access?
  • Will the company offer expert advice and not just sales negotiations?

Cheap storage may not necessarily mean there are catches; however, the owners of storage facilities may leave out fine details or not make them clear before you sign up.

Secure access to storage units 24/7

Electronic key code access provides 24-hour access to most of the storage facilities in Kannapolis, NC. It is worth checking, however, since one of the most frustrating aspects is the realization that access will be denied after a particular time unless personnel is called out.

The company is also required to maintain 24-hour video surveillance of the storage space. Remember, you must have the only key or the option to purchase your lock, so keep the keys safe, and always know who has access to your storage units.

Affordable Kannapolis, NC storage works out less money than cheap

Once you use storage space, you shouldn’t continually worry or stress. Such storage facilities are there to make things more convenient for renters. Reputable companies do everything they can to provide the best service while remaining affordable.

Contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will explain everything you need to know about the facilities and how you can set up your account and pay bills online.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.