Storage space in Concord NC talk about the process of putting away your dolls

Storage space professionals in Concord NC understand that doll collecting witnessed a comeback when the covid-19 incidence happened as many individuals sought solace in the familiarity of their childhood. The doll community is also quite active on social media, sharing their purchases and insider knowledge. Here are a few pointers for prospective collectors who want to keep their dolls safe and sound.

Do not expose yourself to the elements

The fact that light may hurt dolls is not a surprise. Dolls should not be kept in rooms with a lot of direct sunshine since this might cause the dolls to lose their color. Some vinyl dolls may become green over time due to exposure to fluorescent lighting or bulbs. Due to their lack of UV light and heat, LED lights are a better option than incandescent bulbs since they do not harm the dolls’ appearance.

Keep them in a dry, cool place

Most of us have little room to show our favorite items. Dolls in storage should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper or unbleached muslin to slow down the rate of deterioration. Since moisture might lead to mold growth, keep the dolls out of air-tight plastic bags or cartons. Store the dolls in plastic boxes, but make sure they’re ventilated. If you store them in hot places, the dolls can get damaged.

Assisting with the care of old dolls

Dolls produced before 1930 demand more attention and maintenance than “contemporary” dolls. Wood, fabric, child leather, porcelain glaze, and celluloid are common materials used to create these antiques, making them very delicate. The eye mechanism that opens and closes the doll’s eyelids is a susceptible feature of the doll. Keep these dolls face down and use acid-free tissue paper to form a cushion while stored.

Temperature and humidity may be controlled

Storage space comes with several advantages. According to this, antiques and collectibles should be kept at 71 degrees Fahrenheit (21.6 degrees Celsius) and 42 percent humidity. Mr. Storage has climate-controlled storage that can be conducive for your antique dolls. You may want to consider renting a storage unit with Mr. Storage. Mr. Storage has the ideal temperature-controlled storage for all your antique collections. You need to visit us at one of our storage facilities, and you are good to go.

Best storage space for keeping dolls in Concord NC

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