Storage space contracts can have complex jargon that you should understand before signing

Storage space rentals in Concord NC will require that you sign a formal contract. Contracts require careful reading. They are written in a convoluted style and are rife with legalese, which only a legal specialist could possibly grasp. It’s a good idea to study a contract before you sign it and make an effort to understand its terms and conditions. Read on for some advice on how to comprehend the terms of your self-storage contract if you want to know how to navigate your agreement like an expert.

Nobody has ever remarked, “After a long day, you’re finally seated in a cozy chair by the fire with a glass of wine, looking forward to reading a contract.” A contract may appear intimidating due to the use of complex terminology, financial information, and legalese. Here’s what your storage space contract involves:

Correct use of your unit

The unit’s usage guidelines and consequences should be made explicit.

  • A list of things that are not allowed in storage facilities
  • The most expensive objects that can be kept in the unit
  • The majority of facilities will demand that you maintain your unit’s cleanliness and condition.
  • You might need to use a drip pan when storing a car to prevent fluids from ruining the floor.

Financial details

Financial information should be described in depth.

  • When the rent is due each month and the accepted methods of payment
  • Required payment
  • When the payment of your unit becomes past due
  • Late payment penalties, lock cutting, debt collection auctions, and any other possible fines
  • What happens if the tenant stops paying the rent?

Landlord rights

The landlord may have the right to enter the apartment in certain situations.

  • To make the required fixes
  • Recognize the circumstances in which the landlord may lock out the tenant and how the tenant may re-enter the property.


There are some circumstances that will be indicated when the tenant needs to give the landlord notice.

  • Address or phone number change
  • How much advance notice must be given to the landlord before moving out should be included in the contract.
  • Self-storage agreements are normally month-to-month, so if you don’t give notice that you’re leaving the unit, your agreement can automatically renew.

Find the best storage space in Concord NC

Before signing your self-storage contract, you should read through the fine print and understand all the terms of your agreement. Find the best storage space in Concord NC to keep your personal items safe.

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