Kannapolis’ storage space experts can help you understand the hoarding syndrome

Kannapolis’ storage space experts insist that admitting you may have a hoarding issue is the first step to a transformed life. The truth is that our homes are filled with many items that we no longer use and can’t bear to throw away. If you’ve had a seasonal clean, the plan is usually to throw out the old to buy entirely new items. But this rarely happens.

Items that are difficult to throw away

  • Clothes – You probably have a few clothes you keep hoping may still fit you someday or find their way back to the fashion runways.
  • Keepsakes – If you were a sports champ, you might have a few trophies that remind you of your prowess. Most parents also have some artwork performed by their children. Or maybe, you have an old notebook or journal that takes you back to your vibrant years with some of the best memories.
  • Books – Books offer sentimental value since they are stories we once enjoyed.
  • Music – Music is more emotional than physical. Music CDs and vinyl are collectibles that remind us of our favorite artists and bands.

It’s natural for these items to hold sentimental value in our lives. But how many of these could we live without, or at least not have, in our daily living space? Do you even listen to the CDs you have in the drawer? Do you read the books on the shelf? The point is you are keeping things that don’t add value to your day-to-day life, which can be termed hoarding.

What is hoarding?

It is the compulsive purchasing, acquiring, searching, and saving of items with little or no value. The downside is it comes with a host of emotional, physical, financial, and social effects.

Why do we keep things?

We start becoming emotionally attached to our things from a very young age. It is when we also decide that things can always come in handy later and that if we throw them away, we stand to lose. This becomes the first enemy of living a clutter-free life. Research has established that 87% of people with fewer possessions were happier after reducing the number of items they owned. Having adequate space to relish your items fosters health and mental well-being.

An excellent approach is to ask yourself, ‘Do I require it?’ and ‘Do I love it?’ If the answer is no to both, it’s time to let it go. Keep in mind that you can’t love too many objects at once, so scrutinize your love for them. You cannot live a fulfilled, peaceful, and happy life when you keep hoarding items that do not bring joy or value.

Work with Kannapolis’ storage space experts

Clutter can prevent you from living your life to the best of your ability and become a bigger problem over time. Still, some things are way too precious to give away or discard. You can work with Kannapolis’ storage space experts to safely keep them away in a unit for future retrieval.

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