Storage space mistakes to avoid

Storage space errors can occur very quickly. This is due to incorrect packing or the use of poor packing materials. This happens to first-time tenants of self-storage units, but the long-term renters still fall for these errors.

If you want to stop these, here are the top five glitches. Therefore, you can see below what they are and what you can learn from them.

Work alone, and you’ll make storage space mistakes 

Hurrying to load a storage unit would likely leave things messy and potentially cause harm. Nothing is worse than the closing time when you’re just in the middle of the finishing. It could cause damage to your body if you do not have enough support! Make sure you lift your things correctly without rushing.

It is incredibly taxing to move your gear and challenging to keep on track where everything is. It is essential to ensure that you have enough time and assistance to put the final touches on your transfer.

Be sure to ask for support from friends and family, and make sure 24-hour access is available to your storage space.

Label your boxes for Concord storage space 

There’s nothing as uncomfortable as looking for something and needing to go through unidentified bins. Identify the containers with a number and the overall contents for your satisfaction. Keep a list of every box on a comprehensive inventory. That way, you turn to the list as soon as you’re looking for something.

Don’t store food in Concord storage space 

At some stage, this is one of the top storage errors anybody makes, and it happens the fastest anyone makes without realizing. Don’t store any types of food. This involves using your storage space to keep food and making sure that it is free away from bits of food. Furnishings, suits, you name it, and you can get pests in your storage space as fast as you can imagine.

Never choose to use newspaper for packing 

The newspaper ink may smudge and bleed, causing needless work by dirtying objects. You’ve cleaned them out before you put them in storage. 

When they come back, why clean them a second time? It is also possible that the newspaper will damage certain items. Using packaging paper that is ink-free and can be bought at any decent self-storage facility.

Insurance for Concord storage space contents

As much as you start telling people never to forget their insurance, they do. Belongings won’t be on a standard policy, and you will need to take an extra one out. Some storage facilities won’t let you rent unless you’re sealed.

Suppose you need to know more about facilities and insurance coverage. Contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will run through everything you need to know and help you make no storage errors. Setting up accounts and paying can all be done online after visiting the website. 

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.