Storage space for my records

Storage space in Salisbury NC can be the perfect location for some things you may not consider. Even though vinyl records are among the most durable recording mediums created, proper storage is required.

As a result, if you don’t care for any Salisbury NC record collection, they could be damaged. Scratches and warping are the two key issues you find with poorly cared for records.

It’s nice to have an extensive record collection, although once they are all crammed in one room, with boxes are all over, it could be the right time to consider upgrading to a climate-controlled storage unit.

Storage space for record collections

Because some record collections are priceless, proper vinyl storage is necessary to protect your investment.

A climate-controlled storage unit in the Salisbury, NC area is safe and secure while also offering more than enough space. You can also keep the temperature consistent with minimal fluctuations.

Many music fans think that vinyl is an essential part of a record, but the covers of some extensive record collections can be worth more than the disc itself. You can find this another reason you need suitable storage space and storage materials. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for maintaining your vinyl collection.

First steps of storing vinyl

The inner sleeve is the part of the cover the disc will touch. While sleeves are printed on paper, you can find that this isn’t the best kind to use in long-term storage space. This can act as fine grit paper on your valuable disc over time, increasing surface noise. You can discover two types of inner sleeves to use.

The first is a delicate plastic liner inside a paper inner or an all-plastic round-bottomed variant. This second option is preferred because the corners do not need to be pushed into the sleeve.

Robust vinyl storage space Salisbury

The second and third vinyl storage tips are as follows. The record is protected by a plastic outer sleeve, which also protects the artwork on the sleeve. Even without moisture or humidity in the Salisbury, NC area, thick plastic will adhere to the cover. As a result, there’s yet another reason for climate-controlled storage.

Long-term record storage is best done with less expensive, thinner plastic sleeves. Vinyl bags are made of thicker plastic and should be able to be resealed. These provide additional storage protection while keeping air and dust out when in your storage space.

Storage shelving for keeping vinyl records

Storage units are empty, yet they are not suitable for vinyl unless you add something to keep your records. Storage shelves are perfect as they stop damp rising. One thing to be careful of is they can support lots of weight.

Some shelves can hold thousands of records; thus, securing against the wall or making sure they can’t fall is essential.

Top storage space in Salisbury NC

Because you can spend hours changing your records’ sleeves and caring for your precious records, it is advisable to use a climate-controlled storage unit.

It would help if you considered yourself for your records; thus, it is best to contact Mr. Storage to see your record collection’s best storage space options.

You can also discover there is no need to visit the office to arrange your storage or pay your bills as you can do this online.

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