Storage space in Midland NC and how to pack and store fragile glass

Storage space in Midland NC can be handy for keeping all things. It’s a secure way to keep the glass while it’s in transit. It’s essential for storing pricey wine glasses or holiday decorations in a new house or storage facility. While packing and storing delicate glassware, there are a few things to bear in mind. Continue reading to see some storage tips for packing and storing your fragile glass.

Get the right box

Professionals advise that the size of the box is an important consideration when storing or shipping delicate glass. First, you don’t want anything too erroneous for two reasons. In the first place, there is the possibility of the box dropping and shattering if it is too full. It’s also possible for goods to move about and bump into one other in a box that has too much room, which may lead to breakage. The best option is to get boxes large enough to fit everything you need, plus some dividers to allow you to organize the box into parts, so the fragile glasses do not clash.

Use packing paper and tape

Experts recommend that packing paper should be used to double-wrap each item (at least two layers).  Any space should be filled with paper. You do not want to leave any room whatsoever for accidents to happen. Wrap the glass object in packing paper and fasten it in the box with a piece of tape. The packing paper can serve as support somehow so that if the glasses collide, there can be minimal impact.

Arrange the boxes properly

Storage professionals in Midland NC advise that it’s good to use several layers of packing tape at the bottom of the box. Bottom-load the container with the heaviest objects. Fill the rest of the box with more packing paper. Be careful to mark each package “fragile” and “closely” so that anybody handling it knows to take extra precautions.

You could also use fragile yellow tape to mark the boxes. Once anybody sees the taping, they have this instinct to be more careful when handling the box. Moving or storing a delicate glass item is not a problem if you follow the following packing and storage instructions. You can rest confident that you can keep your fragile glass with a local company.  At Mr. Storage, we understand how delicate everyone’s property is, so we try our best to provide that safe environment.

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