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Storage space professionals in Salisbury NC note that preparing your belongings for self-storage is critical, both for the short term and long run. Long-term storage needs more work and time if you don’t want your goods to go wrong. Using the tips in this article will prepare you for long-term storage.

Use a tarp 

When storing for an extended period, it is best to place a tarp on the floor of the storage container. The tarp is essential to prevent moisture from entering the storage space and destroying your property.

Keep your property well

Ensure that all of your possessions are appropriately stowed away at all times. Use packing boxes instead of plastic bags to store your belongings. For long-term storage, new cardboard boxes are preferable to recycled ones. The key to preventing damage to your goods is to pack them carefully.

You need an inventory

Keep a complete inventory or make sure all your boxes are labeled; this is essential for short- and long-term storage. Having a list or labeling your storage boxes helps you remember the contents of your self-storage unit. Additionally, it enables you to avoid breaking fragile items because you know where they are in your storage unit.

Get insurance

Make sure you do the needful and find a policy that covers everything you need before you buy it—To be on the safe side. If you plan to store your items for an extended period, it is good to get them insured (or short-term). In particular, most of your possessions are in storage if you’re moving abroad.

Have a Plan-B

If you need to check in on your storage unit, you can hire an individual who can go to your storage facility and get the item for you. If your self-storage unit issues arise, this individual might be your point of contact.

Get monthly debits

Set up a monthly direct debit for your rental charge. You and your storage provider will both benefit from this. It is unlikely that you would terminate your storage contract if you are currently on the road or have relocated to another state.

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