Midland’s best storage unit near me can store batteries 

Midland’s storage unit near me is ideal for safely storing your items for retrieval when necessary. While batteries are essential and very useful in our day-to-day lives, they can also be harmful. It is especially true when improperly stored. Before storing your batteries long-term, there are measures to take to affirm they won’t leak, explode or damage other batteries.

How to store batteries in self-storage

It’s advisable to store batteries in a dry environment at room temperature or a little cooler. Keeping batteries in hot to below-freezing temperatures is highly discouraged. The following are storage tips for different batteries to prevent untimely power loss and potential leakages.

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are utilized in various devices, such as cell phones. Store them at 40% capacity to maintain them in good condition. Do not deplete the battery completely before storage, and charge the battery to 100% before use. Always remove a fully charged battery from a charger sooner rather than later. Leaving your laptop, cell phone, or other device plugged in frequently may shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Household batteries

Store any one-time-use battery in its original packaging to avoid contact with other batteries. If that’s not feasible, line up similar batteries in a container. All the positive ends should face the same direction. Never store the batteries with the opposing ends touching each other. Also, avoid storing these types of batteries with other metal objects, including loose change and desk staples. The reason is that metals can cause batteries to short-circuit, resulting in a leak. Remember to keep batteries of the same type and age together since old batteries are capable of draining energy from new ones. Don’t remove the plastic caps from 9V batteries until they are in use. Lastly, ascertain that the batteries won’t be punctured or crushed in storage. You should place them in a container that can’t be smashed or damaged.

Vehicle and car batteries

Unlike other systems, the best way to preserve your car battery is to utilize it. After storing your car temporarily, you should take it for a spin every few weeks to charge its battery. When storing a car you won’t drive for more than a few months, completely remove the battery. Start by turning off the vehicle before removing the car battery. Then remove the black cable, followed by the red cable to disconnect the battery. Be sure to clean the car battery to get rid of corrosion and store it in a cool and dry location that doesn’t reach freezing temperatures. An option is to hook up the car battery to a trickle charger in storage for battery life preservation. Go through the battery manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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