Storage units around me offer renters more than ever before in Concord, NC. While such storage options have been around for years, there are many reasons these local storage companies are expanding their offerings.

Many of them have a wide range of options. However, the more helpful amenities on offer include climate-controlled storage, 24-hour secure access, and units with electricity and easy drive-up access.

If you are looking for storage facilities, make sure any company you choose offers what you need. Here are more things you can learn about what you ought to search for from storage slots in Concord.

Concord, NC ground-level drive-up storage

Drive-up access storage units are conveniently accessible from the outside. However, they do not include climate control, and as a result, they are best for objects not affected by the environment.

When loading and unloading, you can drive right up to the storage unit’s door, and these units are ideal for quick and easy access and are more cost-effective than other types of storage.

Many types of units can be in a single building in some more contemporary facilities. As a result, you will need to access the building to get to the front of your storage unit. Thus, it is impossible to drive up to the door. While this can make loading and unloading heavy objects more complicated, it provides additional protection against theft and vermin at no extra cost. It is these units that offer climate-controlled ventilation.

Climate controlled Concord, NC storage units around me

Your belongings will be safe and dry in climate-controlled storage units, which also protect them from harsh temperatures.

They control one thing that can destroy your belongings, humidity. Humidity is particularly damaging to all organic materials found in furniture, electrical equipment, and clothing. Mold proliferates when the humidity level is high, and these units go a long way to protect valuable items.

Storage units with electricity   

Not all storage facilities offer electricity inside storage units, yet this does not mean it is not available. Much of this will depend on your local storage company, as not all units will have power.

Storage units with electricity could be highly beneficial to a small business or anyone who works on their vehicle in a drive-in storage unit.

Should your facility offer this, it would be more costly, so check if your storage facility offers this and check you can cater for this in your storage budget.

Finding top storage amenities in Concord, NC

If you contact Mr. Storage, you will have a much easier time finding storage units.

The staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the proper storage unit size and will walk you through all the facilities’ amenities.

Now that contactless sign-ups are available, you can complete the entire process online, as well as pay your bills when the time is right when you need to.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.