Storage units near me keeps your brittle belongings safe

Storage units near me in Concord NC help store your personal items and create more space at home. Some of these items are more brittle than others, so you need to be careful when protecting them.

Similar to keeping antiques, china, and glassware require careful storage if you want to keep them safe from harm and stop deterioration. Even if you’re storing your delicate tableware for a long time, you can maintain it in good condition by using these straightforward steps.

Determine what to keep

Wrap such items individually

Glassware and china are still susceptible to physical harm when handled, even when they are inside in a storage container. When you transfer the box from one spot to another, pieces may bump into the sides of the containers or into one another and sustain harm, such as:

  • Scratches on the plates’ surface and the wine glasses’ sides
  • The edges of the plates and drinking glasses have chips on them.
  • Tiny cracks on the sides.

Choose a type of wrapping material that can offer sufficient protection, such as:

  • Due to its cushioning qualities, bubble wrap offers the best protection, making it ideal for fine china and pricey glassware.
  • Paper towels make for excellent insulators.
  • Regular wrapping paper is a cheap, accessible, and excellent all-around solution.

Consider cardboard dividers

The use of cardboard dividers is another excellent method for keeping your china and drinking glasses safely contained inside a container. These act as partitions to keep objects in boxes separate and safe while being stored or transported.

The most common kind of cardboard dividers is cell dividers, which are conveniently available at your neighborhood grocery or online. Additionally, they combine with bubble wrap or wrapping paper to strengthen the barrier of protection surrounding your delicate tableware.

Secure the box fully

Because of the negative space between the divider and the goods, your chinaware and glassware are still very likely to move around even with wrappings and dividers in place. Fill up these empty spaces before sealing the container to minimize movement and secure your goods.

Suitable filler choices include Wrapping paper, bubble wrap, packing paper, and cushion foam.

Find the best storage units near me in Concord NC

Storing chinaware can be tricky, but you should follow the above tricks to make sure they remain in the best condition. Find the best storage units near me in Concord NC to secure your items until you can use them again.

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