Storage units near me for my summer stuff

Storage units near me It can be the perfect place to store your winter sports gear and clothes. Spring and summer in Harrisburg, NC is maybe somewhere away, but the preparation is not detrimental as it is how to better use the storage room that is the size of a walk-in closet.

Here you find the best ways to care for your property if you have loads of winter coats and some winter toys and want to know how to pack them away in the nearest storage facility.

Harrisburg NC storage for the summer

You can fit almost all of your winter equipment into storage units near me. With ski kids’ sleighs and all the thick sweaters, waterproofs, and insulated coats will stay snuggly until later in the year.

The first move is to look for some garage storage shelves that will fit your Harrisburg NC mini storage unit along two walls. All the walls might hold shelves, but vertical space is ideal for organizing sets of skis and other long objects.

Using the best boxes for self-storage

Although cardboard is inexpensive, it is advisable to use plastic to pack all your stuff away. If there is some hint of moisture, these boxes will not be very useful and will break quickly. In your local storage units near me, use sizes that match the storage shelves, and you can see what you have and where it is most important.

It is possible to fold and pack all holiday decorations, gloves, snow boots, jackets, and sweaters away; make sure air will get inside to ventilate the inside of the boxes. Almost overnight, any sign of moisture and dampness will ruin clothing.

Harrisburg NC climate-controlled storage units near me

That is all the better if you can get climate-controlled storage units near me. They could cost a little more, but it can stop the air from being damp if there is any rain. This is one sure way to destroy textiles and any documents.

One thing to be sure of is that the pockets of children are clean of sweets or crumbs. One sniff of it and rodents and insects will make their way to a feast in your self-storage unit.

Clean and thoroughly dry everything and forget about the mothballs. The clothes smell, and they just do not fit. Lavender balls are a much better choice because the next time you pull them from your nearest Harrisburg storage unit, they do work, and clothes smell fantastic.

Finding Harrisburg NC storage units near me

For storage units, local storage facilities are versatile, and not everyone will try to force you with the hard sell just to get another renter.

At Mr. Storage, the helpful staff can always answer questions you may have about storage units near me. Before the warm weather comes and you have boxes taking up space in your garage, please do not wait and send them a call.

Now, with Mr. Storage, you can sign up and pay bills remotely without having to waste time in the storage office. 

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