Storage units near me for artwork 

Storage units near me can be the ideal places to store artwork as they are free from sunlight and disturbance. No matter what sort of artwork you have, be it paintings, baseball cards, or a photo collection. It would help if you had the right storage conditions to avoid any damage. 

If you’re moving home and would like to keep your paintings safe or renovate your home and the images won’t fit the décor, you can learn more about keeping the artwork in excellent condition while being in storage.

Clean is before using Harrisburg storage units near me

Clean your paintings carefully during preparation for storage. To dust the painting’s surface gently, use an artist’s brush. 

The brush should be clean, but a clean piece of lint-free velvet may be a substitute if you do not have access to a brush. Never use a wet cloth or feather duster and use no cleaning solution.

Dealing with unframed pieces or framed pictures

To cover the edges of picture frames, cardboard corners are brilliant and help to preserve structural integrity. Be careful how you roll pictures with no frames as if they are old. Gently seal in airtight, water-resistant glassine packaging before placing in storage units near me.

Pack artwork for Harrisburg NC self-storage

In blankets, bubble wrap, or felt, wrap framed photographs or paintings, and make sure never to use a newspaper as the inks can leech into wood or paper. To secure the padding in place, use packing tape. 

Build a protective “sandwich” for unframed images, and place unframed drawings, between bigger foam boards, cardboard pieces, or plywood. To keep safety in place, use tape and use a plastic bag to protect against components such as water and air. Hence the explanation for storage units near me that are climate controlled.

Set up a storage unit with the right tools

Never lay paintings or pictures flat as they should be stored on their ends. It is possible to purchase picture racks to support your images. Never place images on concrete floors because the frames or the pictures will soak up moisture from the cold.

If you need to, you can borrow some pallets to do this, but make sure they don’t touch the floor if you can’t lay your hands on any wood to raise them.

Control climate in Harrisburg storage units near me

Keep climate in mind when storing art and avoid dry or damp areas in your storage units near me. A climate-controlled storage unit can be the ideal setting. 

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