Harrisburg’s best storage units can recommend insurance coverage for your valuables

Harrisburg’s best storage units can guarantee your property’s safety with comprehensive coverage. Whether you need more space during your move or can’t part with some of your belongings, renting a storage unit is often a great solution. Still, the service provider is not under obligation to cover the costs of damage. Insurance coverage can provide peace of mind with many possibilities, from theft to fire outbreaks.

What is storage unit insurance?

It covers the cost of your personal property in a self-storage location in the event that your property is damaged, stolen, or lost. You can buy it from your self-storage facility or from a third-party insurance provider. It is also called tenant insurance and covers personal property. Some plans may incorporate additional coverage, such as liability insurance. It protects you in case an item in your unit causes damage to other units in the facility. For instance, an electrical item can start a fire in the facility.

While insuring your unit is optional, it is a requirement by some storage providers.

What does storage unit insurance cover?

It depends on the type of insurance plan selected. Although each plan is unique, some coverages are common from one plan to another. These include:

  1. Break-in coverage

If your belongings are lost or stolen, a third-party policy is more likely to provide coverage than a storage facility policy. Physical evidence of the break-in may be required before any payments are made.

  1. Fires

Fire coverage is one of the most common storage unit policies.

  1. Natural disasters

A plan will usually cover natural disasters but only some disaster types. Before selection, check out different plans for the types of natural disasters more common in your region.

  1. Vandalism

In case vandalism affects your belongings, the damage is typically covered by a storage policy.

What is less likely to appear in a storage unit insurance plan?

A. Costly items

Your plan may list high-cost items not covered in the policy. Jewelry and documents like deeds are typically not covered.

B. Vermin

There is a high probability that damage from rodents, insects, or any other vermin won’t likely be covered by your policy.

C. Smoke damage

Storage facility plans are unlikely to cover your property against smoke.

D. Motor vehicles

Your car insurance plan is likely to cover your vehicle if it is stored.

E. Water damage and mildew

Flooding, water damage, and mildew are not likely to be covered in a storage unit policy, especially when provided by the facility.

Get coverage through other policies you may have

Auto Insurance

Examine your current auto insurance policy or find a policy that provides coverage for storage. Comprehensive vehicle protection can incorporate coverage against weather, vandalism, theft, and fire.

Home Insurance

Check your renters’ insurance or homeowners insurance for off-premises coverage. This may extend your coverage to a storage unit for use after a natural disaster or fire in your home. Remember that the coverage is limited and will offer less than your standard home coverage.

Reserve Harrisburg’s best storage units

Storage units can help you expand your space at an affordable fee. But if you want to keep items that are hard to replace, opting for storage unit insurance is worth it. Rent Harrisburg’s best storage units with the right policy to meet your coverage needs.

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