Top storage units near me, Harrisburg

Unlike storage units near me, large brick and mortar storage space is the one thing, which costs them money while contributing too little to their profits. In fact, it can be viewed as an extra cost they have to bear to maintain inventory or volumes of business documents and paperwork.

For a small business, they may be renting small spaces that prevent them from growing, or they may need to hold more inventory due to seasonal goods not being sold.

If you have a business in Harrisburg, NC, continue reading and learn how to overcome these restrictions and expand your business without losing control.

What size are Harrisburg storage units near me?

Only the owner of a commercial business knows how much storage space they need for their business. Storage units near me range from 5 x 5, which corresponds to the size of a small walk-in closet and is perfect for a filing area once you add some great sturdy storage shelves.

However, if your business in Harrisburg, NC, needs storage, you may wish to consider the larger end of the scale and consider a large climate controlled storage unit.

You can equip these with shelves or racks for plastic tote storage bins. As a business owner, you need to check out these questions and make sure you answer them before you take on your storage unit.

  1. Do I need a desk and a chair in the storage units near me?
  2. How much space will my paperwork and inventory use?

Climate controlled storage units near me in Harrisburg, NC

Since storage for business purposes is intended for more extended periods, climate-controlled storage units near me are recommended. These prevent paperwork from becoming damp irrespective of the weather, and help to safeguard any inventory.

This is where shop owners can realize the advantages of self-storage for their business. It takes a short drive to the local storage facility in Harrisburg, NC, but it’s a low cost compared to building rentals.

An excellent example is a company that rents a building. In the majority of cases, they lease it with a long-term lock-in contract. When you need less space, your rent stays the same. Self storage units near me can be short- or long-term storage solutions with flexible agreements. You can expand and shrink to meet your business storage needs.

Harrisburg, NC top storage units near me

The preceding information is not exhaustive of all the advantages that companies can derive from flexible self-storage contracts. This list goes on, and every company in the region should consider all the options.  If you have storage facilities in the area, please contact Mr. Storage to find out how climate-controlled storage units near me can help your business.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.