Isn’t the summer, time for camping?

Storage units are ideal for storing camping gear over the winter, however, even when it is in use, you do need to care for it correctly. There are many things that can happen to gear in use. If you don’t see them, or make sure your gear is in the best condition, your next trip could be ruined.

Here are some useful tips, to make sure all your gear is in the best condition possible, ready for your next camping excursion.

Tent storage for Midland NC campers

Once you return home from a camping trip, it may be tempting to stash your tent straight away. Even more so in dry weather, you will get dirt, leaves and sticks gathering inside your tent. Before you finally put your tent away until your next trip, it will need a thorough clean.

However, it is important to make sure it is dry. Any sign of moisture on or inside your tent can damage the waterproof coating. Along with this, if it is rolled up, you can find mold spreading. The most effective way of drying a tent is to leave it outside a warm day. Additionally, you can hang it in a climate controlled storage units where it will dry thoroughly.

Seam inspection is crucial. Waterproof seams can become damaged, so you do need to inspect these before storing your tent. If the seams seem to be damaged, you can apply a new coat of sealant. This can take 24-hours to dry. A storage unit is the ideal place to let this happen. 

When you store a tent in your storage units. Be sure to place it loosely over something away from the floor, or you can stash it inside a mesh bag so the air can circulate. This stops mold and the fabric can breathe.

Additional camping gear tips for storage units

After your tent, the next things that need some tender love and care are your sleeping bags. If you have one that can be washed, these can take ages to dry unless you have one that can be tumble dried. The majority can’t, so again, a climate controlled storage unit in Midland NC is perfect to make sure your sleeping bags are dried all the way through.

Cooking utensils are last on the list after your camping clothing. Your pots and pans need to be thoroughly cleaned after use, and before you use them again. Any sign of food can attract insects and rodents.

You can stash smaller items away in plastic totes. Any cooler boxes need to have the lid open in storage because air needs to circulate to stop mildew and mold. 

Finding the best local storage facility for camping gear in Midland NC

Not all storage facilities offer climate controlled storage, and not all are in easy access locations. Traveling up back roads is what you do while camping, and not what you want while you are taking or retrieving your gear.

To save hours of homework in searching for your affordable climate controlled storage units. You can contact Mr. Storage. We have staff on hand who know all about the best ways of storing camping gear during the summer or winter months. The climate-controlled units maintain the same environment no matter what time of year it is.

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