Storage units near me in Concord, NC can help all the local folks get ready ahead of the harsh winter weather. Since the colder winter temperatures are just around the corner, now is the best time you can begin thinking of putting your summer gear and garden equipment away before it’s too late.

Rather than stuffing things into your garage or basement, use your local storage units near me in Concord so you can de-clutter at the same time.

Clear out your closets of all your summer swimwear and gear

The different seasons of the year call for extra clothing. T-shirts, shorts and sneakers are frequently the only uniforms for the summer months.

However, when winter is approaching, it’s time to pull out some warmer garments like long-legged pants, pullovers, and jackets. To prepare for winter, the first step is to change your wardrobe. Wrap the summer clothes in airtight plastic containers. Then place this container in the storage units near me. Doing so gives you space to place winter clothes in your closet while putting coats, boots and shawls in your coat closet.

De-clutter your garage

Throughout the summer months, you have to look after your garden frequently or cut the grass on weekends. All these appliances can occupy a considerable amount of space in your garage.

You may move your summer yard gear to the self storage units near me to create more space for your winter gear such as shovels; kids, sleds, and grit ready for chucking in your driveway.

Winterize your vehicles for Concord self storage

Local storage facilities can be ideal places to prepare your motor home, camper, or boat for the winter months. You probably won’t use these campers during the colder months, and they can use up a lot of space on your driveway. By putting them in the self storage facility, you can ensure they are safe and conserve room at your home.

However, these vehicles need to be winterized correctly before placing them in the storage unit. For RVs and motor homes, that means clearing them out and clearing away all your belongings and provisions. Besides, you will need to rinse your water and sewage pipes to avoid freezing. Make sure you close off your air conditioning unit to prevent cold air from getting inside your vehicle.

Concord, NC storage near me

Residents of Concord will use the storage units near me facility to prepare for the forthcoming transition to the new season. By putting all your summer stuff in storage in winter, you have more room for the things you need at that time of year.

When the seasons change again, you can replace the storage bins. If it interests you in learning more about using self storage to prepare for colder months, please contact Mr. Storage. You can also find out how to set-up contactless storage units near me, so there is no need to visit the office to sign or pay bills.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.