Why do clothes need special treatment in storage?

When using Harrisburg NC storage units near me for clothing. You do need to be sure you care for them correctly. The size doesn’t matter because any ardent shopper can fill any sized storage unit with all their seasonal clothing.

Add in that of the family and your storage units will be automatically your enormous walk-in closet. While they are a fantastic storage solution, you need to understand a few things before packaging them up and tossing them in your unit and forgetting about them.

Here you can find out those storage units near me are climate controlled and will make sure your clothes last another few years.

Prepare clothes for Harrisburg NC storage units near me

Wash and iron all your clothes before you store them in your self storage units near me. Be sure to remove any stains and dirt as over time when these are compressed; it will be even harder to remove when you finally take them out of the storage unit to use them again.

Dirty clothes will attract mold if they are even the slightest bit damp. Wash everything according to the washing instructions, and make sure everything is dry before putting them into Harrisburg NC storage.

Vacuum sealing clothes or not?

You can use vacuum seal bags to keep your clothes in, and these do compact down to half the size of normal. However, over time, they will damage your clothes and leave creases that are nearly impossible to remove.

It is far better to use plastic totes or storage container s that allow air to circulate your clothing. This helps keep them the right shape, and there is no deterioration.

Never use plastic bags or cardboard cartons in storage units near me

Many renters make these simple mistakes and use boxes they get from the grocery, and trash bags to keep their clothes in. The issue here is both can split, and they don’t do your clothing any favors.

Cartons are often used and stacked on the floor; in cold weather, these get damp and split. Besides, your clothes get moldy. Plastic bags have the same effect when they are tied tight.

One final thing not to do is use mothballs. Clothes smell of chemicals after a while, and this can be hard to remove. Natural lavender blocks are much nicer and more effective.

Finding clothing storage in Harrisburg NC

You have many possibilities for climate controlled storage, though you may see some that don’t offer all you need in the way of amenities.

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