Storage units near me are an attractive option for small businesses in Harrisburg NC who are looking for somewhere to operate.

Generally, a storage unit will be cheaper than an office rental and may be larger when compared to your home office.

However, there are a few things you can and can’t do in a storage unit near me whenever it comes to running a business. Here are the most important dos and don’ts in your local storage facility.

Main don’ts in Harrisburg storage units near me

While there are some parts of your operation you can carry out in storage units near me, opening an office, there isn’t one. Most storage facilities don’t allow this kind of operation, and you will find some things lacking such as power and internet connections.

Never be tempted to make any sales from out of your unit. Strangers walking around the local storage units near me means there is an increased risk of theft. Besides this, gates have computer codes, and most customers can’t enter.

Never be tempted to carry out your wiring for electricity. For one, there is nowhere to carry this out without tapping into the facility’s electric cables, second, you can create a fire risk to you and all the other renters in the facility.

Things you can do in your Harrisburg storage units near me

You can use your Harrisburg storage units near me to house all your inventory ready for dispatch. Lots of small businesses keep a lot of inventory on hand, be it marketing materials, apparel, or homemade items being sold online. This is a great place to hold such things so that they don’t clutter up your home or workspace.

Store equipment at your unit. Your business may be contracting, which makes them great places to keep larger machinery. This is a great option. You can retrieve the items you need when you need them, without cluttering up your garage or office.

Ask the facility what you can do and what you can’t along with the things you can store and those you can’t. It’s a good idea to ask the storage units near me facility as this can help you decide if storage units near me are a good option for your business.

Best storage units near me in Harrisburg NC

Small business owners who need more space should consider using storage units near me.

We have units of various sizes to meet your business needs. Furthermore, you can set up your contract and pay bills online without heading to the office. It is easier than ever, so contact Mr. Storage.

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