Do you know how not to make storage mistakes?

Storage space in Midland NC is convenient for many purposes, but mistakes do happen very fast. This is due to stacking things in the wrong way or because you use the wrong packaging materials. This happens to tenants of storage units in their first time, but long-time tenants can also fall for these errors.

If you wish to dodge them, these are the top 5 mistakes. So keep reading and see what you can learn from these mistakes.

Rodents love perishables in storage units

This one is among the top storage mistakes we all make at some point, and it turns out to be one of the worst. Do not store any kind of food in your storage space.

This doesn’t just mean not using the storage unit for food storage, but also make sure everything is free of crumbs. Cabinets, clothing, you name it. Anything with crumbs will attract pests, and then you will be affected.

Take your time when filling your storage space

Rushing to fill up a storage unit will probably result in chaos and potential damage. There is nothing any worse than closing time approaching, and you are halfway to the finish. Failing to have sufficient help may cause damage to your body! Be sure you are lifting correctly!

Moving is tremendously tiring, and you may find it difficult to stay on track to track to finish the lot. Therefore, it is important to be certain you have plenty of time and help to make the final touches to your moving.

You should ask friends and family for help, and you need to know your Midland NC storage facility is accessible 24 hours a day.

Never use newspaper in your Midland NC storage space  

Newspaper ink can stain and bleed, prompting unnecessary work by dirtying your things. They were cleaned before being put into storage.

Why re-clean them when they leave? Newspapers may also damage some materials. Use non-ink wrapping paper, which is available from any storage facility.

Make sure you label your boxes before you move

The most annoying thing is searching for something and have to go through boxes which are not identified. To reassure yourself, identify containers with a number and general contents. Retain a complete inventory of each box.

So as soon as you’re looking for something in your storage space, you simply go to the list.

Don’t forget additional insurance for Midland NC storage

No matter how often you tell people say not to forget their insurance, they will generally do so. Your belongings may not be covered by your policy, and it will require an additional policy to be taken out. In some storage facilities, you may not even be allowed to rent without coverage.

If you want to know more about the facility and the stance on insurance coverage. Contact Mr. Storage, and the personnel will discuss all you need to know, and help you avoid making any storage space mistakes.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.