Are you deploying overseas?

Storage units are a great asset to anyone joining the armed forces. It is a giant leap for any person, and whether you have enlisted in the Navy, Army, Marine Corps or other branches of the armed forces, you probably will not know what the road ahead holds for you.

If you are going to deploy soon and need a storage unit, then it will be crucial to find the right one. You can find storage near me with multiple locations throughout the region. Here is how these storage locations in Salisbury NC can help.

When you head overseas, you need storage in Salisbury NC

If you are already assigned, you can begin planning your deployment. You may go abroad and not be sure, when you will return to the United States. Strategizing about storage can be challenging when you are unsure of your return date and do not want to pay for storage beyond what you need.

Storage facilities each offer monthly rentals, which means you, are paying for the time needed, rather than under a long-term contract. Because you are outside the country for several months, you may want to choose an emergency contact to take care of your account and storage units.

You can allow them access to your storage units, with the secure gated entry, and they will deal with any issues, which arise and need to be resolved while you are doing your service. This way, your focus will be on your duty, rather than if your belongings are safe and secure.

What you need to put in storage units during deployment

Military deployment can lead you to any part of the world, and you can only take up to a certain amount of your stuff with you. You have personal effects, which you are allowed to have, but anything else has to remain in your storage unit.

If you are leaving a house or an apartment before you leave, you will probably have some pieces of furniture, which you need to keep in large storage units. You may have boxes or plastic totes full of clothes that need to remain safe until you come home.

One thing that most military personnel need to store while deployed is their own vehicle. Your car or truck may be your most prized possession, so you don’t just leave it parked in your driveway or in your friend’s garage when you’re away.

Where do I find Salisbury NC storage facilities for long-term deployment?

This can be easier than any other step of the process of preparing for deployment overseas.

The quickest way to solve all your problems and find the ideal storage units is to contact Mr. Storage, as the staff are familiar with this kind of storage request. The staff can offer answers to your questions, and take the rush out of your final preparations before heading overseas.

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