Is your new home too small for all your belongings?

Storage units can be useful for any homeowner when deciding to renovate their home. They can also be handy if you would like to downsize after the kids have left home. As years go by, furnishings that are precious can be gathered.

Extra beds, additional chairs and couches, or even the old kitchen tables can be emotionally valuable and may be worth a large sum of money. Are you now in this position and thinking of renovating a house or moving out completely? You can read on to see how best to maintain your furniture when it is in storage in Harrisburg NC.

Give your things a thorough clean before packing into storage units

Furniture is made of all kinds of materials. Textiles, wood, leather and glass. It should be well cleaned before deciding to move it to a Harrisburg NC storage facility.

Each material has its own type of cleaning agent and must be used to assure your furniture is the cleanest possible. Couches and armchairs must be free of crumbs, which may have crept through the back of the cushions.

Although all self-storage facilities strive to avoid rodent infestation, cookie crumbs are adequate to entice them.

Dismantle things so they are easier to handle and fit your Harrisburg NC storage units

It is a good idea to dismantle all your furniture if possible. Doing so makes shipping considerably easier and significantly easier to store. You can dismantle beds, tables and cabinets to a degree.

Shelves may be erected once inside your unit, and when erecting, position it on pallets to help against cold and moisture penetrating the material. These shelves can be used for additional storage space. When disassembled, objects like table legs and headboards can be stored in a cost-effective manner.

Wrap furniture for more protection

Used for packing furniture are old blankets, bubble wrap and cardboard. Mattresses should be stored flat, where you can purchase custom mattress covers made to prevent bugs and dust from building up on the material.

Harrisburg NC air-conditioned storage units are very useful because they help prevent moisture from entering into your furniture.

When this happens, mold can develop in as little as 48 hours. It spreads rapidly and will smell and wreck your belongings.

The right Harrisburg NC self storage unit

In advance, no one has any idea the size of the storage units you need. All of this is dependent on the amount of furniture you will be looking to move out of your home and into your local storage unit facility.

The only sure way is to contact Mr. Storage, and the personnel there will more than happy to discuss how you can estimate the storage unit size you require.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.