Storage units protect your personal items during emergency times like hurricanes

Storage units in Concord NC can help you stay prepared in emergencies. Be ready if you wish to survive a natural disaster without suffering a big loss. The majority of people who reside in hurricane-prone locations are aware that this issue extends beyond the coast. Usually, they have a plan in place.

The first step in preparing your family, your possessions, and yourself for a hurricane is realizing that life and property are at risk even hundreds of miles inland. Every location has a different set of risks. Common sense preparation is required for storm surges, extremely strong winds, power outages, flooding, and tornadoes.

The security of your possessions should be your last concern during a hurricane. During hurricane season that is active, storing your belongings in a self-storage unit might add an additional degree of security.

Have a proper storage unit

To lessen the likelihood of wind and rain damage, use an indoor unit in a concrete building if at all possible. If an indoor unit is not an option for you, be mindful of the possibility of damage and take safety measures. Natural calamities are typically covered by storage insurance. Don’t forget to ask your insurance agent about your “off-premises” coverage and whether your building has a tenant protection program.

Store your items in plastic bins

Your possessions will be protected by plastic containers from moisture and the subsequent mold and mildew. Consider buying bins that are the same size as one another, and take the time to label your stuff for simple retrieval. Keep essential documents in containers that are watertight.

Utilize tarps and pallet boards

Before stacking your stored belongings, place pallets on the floor and cover them with plastic tarps. By doing this, you will avoid having your bins and containers rest on a possibly wet floor. Make sure the pallets can support the weight of any big objects you plan to store.

Store items that can become dangerous in the storm

When a storm is brewing, use caution around objects that could become projectiles. During hurricane season, keep the following goods in storage for your protection and that of your neighbors:

  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Garden work and power equipment
  • Garden and lawn ornaments

You might have some frequent-use goods that you don’t want to store over the summer. Ideally, keep those items in your garage.

Reserve the best storage units in Concord NC

Organizing your personal items in storage units can help prevent damage from hurricanes. Reserve the best storage units in Concord Nc to stay prepared for emergencies.

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