Storage units in Concord NC are handy for keeping properties. Everyone will eventually need the use of a private storage facility. So, are self-storage facilities safe? The most incredible storage units are as secure as you can make your own storage unit. However, how can you use personal storage, which is a necessary local service, without placing yourself or your belongings in danger?

Pay a visit during the daytime

Storage units in Concord NC are better to be visited in the daytime. If possible, avoid visiting storage facilities late, particularly outside garages and storage sheds. Make sure your unit is constantly in a well-lit location and avoid places that are significantly shaded or in poor condition.

Make sure you don’t get lost

Some storage facilities are very large. It’s important to record the number of your storage unit, and that will make it easier to find when you visit it. Keep the unit number in your phone, along with the code to enter the storage property.

Keep your phone in your hand at all times

Storage unit staff should always be on speed dial. The most accessible approach to keep your storage organized while still being secure is to keep your phone in your pocket or your hand at all times. Using this feature, you may contact management, request assistance, or look for your unit on a map.

Never leave home without a companion

Storage units are safer with companions. A buddy or a group of people is the safest approach to visit a self-storage facility. Because of this, moving furniture is much simpler. Moreover, it lowers the likelihood of negative things occurring if you get involved in a dispute with an unknown party. Storage units’ experts advise that to make your storage unit secure, consider the following recommendations:

  • Chicken wire and trickery are used in this situation.
  • A standard method for securing storage facilities makes your belongings challenging to access or seem to be of little value. It is possible to construct an interior cage out of chicken wire that makes robbing your unit impossible.
  • Locate a lock that cannot be cut with a saw.
  • Cylinder locks that do not have an easily accessible bolt to cut make it more challenging to break into a storage unit. There are still methods to get in, but if you discover and use one of these padlocks, the chances of being robbed are reduced at the very minimum.

Best storage units near me in Concord, NC, and safety

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