Storage units can help you promote proper hygiene at home

Storage units in Kannapolis NC can help you keep your kids safe by promoting good hygiene practices at home. Good cleanliness practices are one of the best strategies to prevent the transmission of germs. Additionally, it’s never too early to begin educating your kids. Consider the advice below if you’re wondering how to teach kids about hygiene.

Hand washing

One of the simplest ways to eliminate germs is to wash your hands properly. If your kids are too little to wash their hands on their own, you can start by wiping them with soap and a damp washcloth after playing, eating, and changing diapers. They can create a habit early on thanks to this.

Nail hygiene

Hand washing extends to nail hygiene. Particularly if your child enjoys playing outside, the space between the tip of your fingernail and your skin is so small that bacteria and germs can easily live there and hibernate. Ask them to choose a day of the week to scrub and clip their nails after taking a bath.

Bathing skin and washing hair

For young children, taking a bath may be an enjoyable experience that will help them quickly develop their bathing habits. Children can start bathing themselves around the age of five. Use this time to demonstrate to them how to properly clean themselves and what to do if they accidentally get soap in their eyes before that. Try goggles or a plastic visor in their favorite color for more enjoyment.

Oral hygiene

Kids’ oral hygiene also includes shaving, and it starts before they have teeth. Use a soft washcloth or a rubber finger toothbrush on infants before and during teething. You can switch them to a conventional toothbrush once all of their baby teeth have come in. Have your child choose their own toothbrush from the store to promote consistent brushing habits.

Find the best storage units in Kannapolis NC

Your kids will eventually start to get older and outgrow their brightly colored hygiene supplies. A storage unit might be the solution if you have another child who can grow into some of them or if you don’t want to throw them out for sentimental reasons. Before being given to a friend or used by a younger sibling, outgrown clothing, shoes, and other items can be kept in a storage container. Find the best storage unit in Kannapolis NC to make keeping such items easy and improve your home’s organization.

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