Storage units keep your winter sports gear in the best condition

Storage units in Kannapolis NC help you keep your winter gear in the summer. Some of the heavy sports like skiing or snowboarding are impossible during the summer, but you will still need the sports equipment well maintained for the colder months. Storing such items can be a huge challenge, so you need to follow the following tips to keep them safe and in the best condition.

Avoid storing the gear in humid areas

Although you might be tempted to store them in the basement or garage, you shouldn’t because the moisture in those spaces can ruin the curve of your skis or boards and cause rust. Additionally, the shifting temperatures in basements and garages are more likely to harm your equipment.

Shelve your ice skaters

Even while ice skates are much smaller than skis or snowboards, they can still take up a lot of room in your home. These bladed skates can pose a severe safety danger, despite the fact that storing them on the floor could appear easier. Keep things organized and out of the way in a strong closet. The blades of your skates should always have protection on them since they can be harmed by surfaces other than ice or carpet.

Use wall mounts for your gear

By putting it on the wall, you can put your skis or snowboard on display and keep them out of the way without risking their condition. There are several different durable wall mounts and storage hooks that you may use to store your equipment, from Amazon to your neighborhood hardware store. Keep in mind to keep them horizontally to avoid having gravity alter their shape.

Store your snowmobile in a sheltered place away from harmful weather elements

Make sure to utilize a warm, dry location away from the weather for much larger winter sports equipment, such as a snowmobile. Although snowmobiles are made to cut through the snow quickly, leaving yours outside beneath a cover exposes it to the elements and could result in engine damage.

Find storage units in Kannapolis NC for all your needs

DIY wall mounts and shelves are good storage options, but they might not always be accessible. Sometimes you just don’t have enough space in your home for equipment, whether you live in an apartment that forbids drilling into the walls or a home with insufficient closet space. Find the best storage unit in Kannapolis NC. We make sure that your snowmobile and other winter sports items remain in the best condition for use in the future.

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