Have you got any family heirlooms or just old furniture you need to store?

Antique furniture storage in Concord, NC

Image source: pixabay.com

Antique furniture storage can come to plenty of people for some reasons. They can land on the driveway because they have been left as part of a deceased relatives estate, or they have been in possession for years, and they now slip into the antique furniture category.

In many cases, this kind of furniture doesn’t match modern home designs but is too valuable to get rid of. If you have any furniture that is of these era’s or you just want to store some furniture and get it out of the way, read the following tips on how to care for it correctly.

Choosing the ideal storage environment in Concord NC

Do you want to avoid the biggest mistake of storing old furniture? Select the correct type of storage environment. Humidity, temperature fluctuations and exposure to light can wreak havoc on antique furniture storage over time. Basements or attics are not ideal places, and owners are encouraged to opt for climate controlled storage units.

Antique furniture storage begins with moving things

Before putting your furniture in storage, see if there is a way to make items less bulky and heavy.

The blows and bumps that can occur during transport are painful for any piece of furniture, never mind your antique furniture storage. It will have a tremendous financial impact on its value.

Check for removable parts. Fragile parts, like mirrors and splashbacks, in particular. Remove them, and separately wrap them before transporting to your Concord NC storage facility. Any removed accessories must be stored in a Ziploc and stored with the furniture, they are antiques, and it will be impossible to replace any lost fixings.

Never stack antique furniture in your Concord NC climate controlled storage unit

If you think that stacking your chairs on the dining table will save space, then decide not to do so. The storage of antique furniture is very different. The weight of a piece that is tilted or placed on another can create permanent damage to that piece or the other.

Antique furniture can break or crack under pressure, so to be sure, leave each piece standing, ideally in its original position. If it fits easily without touching it, try inserting parts instead of stacking them in your antique furniture storage unit layout.

Concord NC storage facilities and plastic wrap

Plastic can seem like a great way to protect your furniture. But, if your antique furniture storage will span months or years, the plastic will do more harm than good. Furniture must breathe, and restricting the flow of air around your furniture will lead to a variety of problems.

The plastic holds in any damp and moisture. This will cause mold and mildew, and the separating of veneers from old wood. Climate controlled storage units allow you to wrap furniture in cotton sheets before storing them.

If you have furniture of this type or have questions regarding any furniture storage, contact Mr. Storage, and the staff can help you get prepared and will let you know all the storage tips and tricks for furniture.

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