Why will I need to put books into storage?

Storage units in Concord NC will be crucial at some stage for individuals who have a large collection of books. Book lovers should follow some simple steps to preserve their treasured collections. Books wander through their life and go place to place. They are held onto for years and then passed on to another person for undefined periods.

To make sure your personal library sticks around, make sure your book storage standards fall in line with the following expert tips how you can care for volumes in a local storage facility.

Controlling humidity in your Concord NC storage units

Paper and water don’t mix, so if your storage area has high humidity, you can find all your books will quickly suffer and deteriorate. Mold can form on pages and covers and the ink can leech from the pages onto each other.

The better way to combat this is to use a climate controlled storage unit. This can maintain the ideal humidity levels to prevent mold as well as stopping paper from drying out, curling or sticking to each other.

Use storage boxes for your storage solution

There is no question that bookshelves full of books looks fantastic, yet when you have too many and you need to use storage units, you will need the right way of storing them. Cardboard can soak up moisture from the environment and will force this into your books.

Plastic totes are ideal storage medium, where you place your books flat and spine-to-spine. Plastic boxes can let air circulate while preventing insects and rodents from getting inside. Cardboard can’t stop any of these and are not advised as good storage box to use in your Concord NC storage facility. Boxes cannot support weight and will quickly split when full of books.

Use vertical space to store books in Concord NC

Books can quickly become heavy when you have them stacked in your plastic boxes. Once you have several of these, and are forever moving these around, it may be time to invest in some garage storage shelves for your storage units.

Too many books packed together will cause the spines to roll and crack, as can anything you are tempted to keep between the pages.

To be sure, you have the right sized unit and storage conditions, you can contact Mr. Storage and the team will go through anything more you wish to know about creating the ideal book storage environment in your local storage units.

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