Will you be storing valuable items?

Storage facilities offer more than enough security in many areas. Aside from this, it is also the renters responsibility toward security as it is the storage company. The company covers lots of areas, yet there are things a renter can do.

Here are the ins and outs to make sure your things are safe in your storage unit.

Do your Midland NC storage facilities take security seriously?

This may sound obvious, but your first thing to do is ensure you are in the safest storage facility. Are there many security features? Are there a decent perimeter fence, a keyboard access gate, and are they well lit at night, and all lights work?

The ultimate on the list is video surveillance, if this isn’t in place, however good the security, this may make all the difference.

Be sure to move in and out of local storage facilities safely

If you have an outdoor storage unit, you can often access it by vehicle, so unloading it straight into the unit helps keep your storage unit safe.

Moving your belongings into a storage unit may not be safety related, but it does help keep them safe in handling and transportation. If items are bulky, you must look for help or check to see if the storage facilities will have moving carts to aid in the movement of heavy boxes.

Locking up your storage unit

Many people think that just any padlock will be enough to keep their storage facilities secure. That is far from being the case, and it needs a strong lock to keep the doors on your shutter safe and secure.

The reputable storage facilities in Midland NC frequently sell locks which are ideal with this purpose in mind. It is another thing to ensure no one else has a key to your door locks. This might be the same as the gate code because one never knows who may lose it or mistakenly pass it on to someone else.

Midland NC storage units are affordable and secure

As individuals are searching for a self storage unit, some think security comes at a premium. Because of this, they may choose cheap storage units. Reliable storage companies offer security measures as standard. They have their own property to care for as well as the renters belongings.

If you want to know about the security features at your local storage facilities, contact Mr. Storage. The helpful storage manager will guide you through their security protocols. They can arrange a facility tour, so you can see for yourself.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.