Concord’s best local storage comes in multiple sizes and types

Concord’s best local storage can host most of your belongings. It’s always advisable to choose self-storage depending on the type and bulk of your items. For instance, climate-controlled storage units are ideal for sensitive items like musical instruments, antiques, art, wood furniture, and crucial documents. Similarly, outdoor storage units are located within a building but offer direct access from outside. That allows you to drive right up to the door, offering convenience when moving a lot of stuff. But what shouldn’t you put in your self-storage?

Living and dead items

Whether alive or dead, it’s illegal to keep people or animals in storage. This applies to every other living or dead thing, such as human ashes, plants, and flowers.


It may be tempting to store food in your storage. But food is a super magnet for various pests, mold, and mildew. Climate-controlled units can maintain their freshness but only for a short period. Shelf-stable items shouldn’t be an option either as they attract rodents and bugs. On the other hand, canned food can result in combustion. You can always ask your storage company about their policies on perishable and non-perishable items to be on the safe side.


From firearms and ammunition to flame throwers and hand grenades, weaponry is on the list of belongings you can’t keep in self-storage. For starters, it incorporates safety risks. Secondly, it causes several issues for the storage facility in case your unit goes up for auction. Rather than selling weapons to convicted felons, the facility may have to involve the police.

Hazardous materials

Any dangerous substance you can contemplate falls into this category. Be sure to cross-check your storage facility’s rules for assurance. There is a high likelihood that gasoline, acid, compressed gas, fireworks, fertilizer, kerosene, grease, paint, narcotics, and propane tanks are on the list. The simple rule is anything toxic, combustible, or flammable is simply not allowed.


Fur clothing is highly sensitive to temperature and light and needs specific climate conditions for proper preservation. Some companies may ask you to keep it in climate-controlled self-storage since it molts at high temperatures.

Wet belongings

It’s no doubt that your kayak, surfboard, and scuba gear were made for the water. However, they need to be fully dry before storing. Wet items develop mold and mildew, particularly in dark, enclosed spaces. Apart from coming back to a gross site during retrieval, you may ruin your items in the long run.


It’s not advisable to stash away cash or other currency types in a self-storage unit. A great option is to go for a bank deposit box, where the safety of your cash is guaranteed.

Note: Other prohibited items include uninsured or unregistered vehicles, tires, and stolen goods.

Rent Concord NC best local storage

It’s important to go through your storage facility’s rules and policies before any agreement. It saves you unnecessary issues that could be easily avoided in the first place. Rent Concord’s best local storage for unrivaled customer service with the guaranteed safety of your items. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.