Storage in Concord NC is a great place to securely store your boat during the winter months.  Owning a boat requires a significant investment of both time and money. Boating has been a popular recreational activity for quite some time. Many people consider having a boat a dream come true but maintaining and caring for a boat requires time and effort. When it comes to boat owners, especially those who live in climates where temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, the most difficult challenge is appropriately storing their vessels throughout the winter season. Keeping a boat carelessly may be dangerous, and it can cause the vessel to be permanently damaged. Read further to know how winter can be hazardous to your boat.

Cooler temperatures

Storage comes in handy for your boats, especially during winter. Lakes freeze in numerous states in the United States during the colder winter months. Once the lakes freeze, boats can no longer be utilized, and it is dangerous even to attempt to operate a boat when temperatures are close to zero degrees Celsius. It is difficult for an engine to run in cold weather, and boat owners are aware of this issue, which is why they find a location to keep their boats throughout the autumn in preparation for the following winter. Keeping a boat in a non-climate-controlled area throughout the winter months in states with a cooler temperature is very dangerous.

Extra cost

Storage facilities understand that after being exposed to freezing conditions, a boat’s engines and electric-powered components cease to function, needing lengthy maintenance and a significant investment to be ready for boating season during the spring and summer months. A boat owner’s biggest nightmare for boat storage is putting their vessel outdoors during the winter. Ice and snow will fade the boat’s colors, spoil the cover, and damage sections crucial to the boat’s operation.

Animals and insects

Storage specialists say that animals and insects are also a source of contention. When it gets cold, animals and insects search for a warm location to spend the winter, and many choose to take up residence in people’s boats to avoid the elements. Meanwhile, they eat anything they can find aboard the yacht, which may destroy the cushions and wiring. Storage specialists warn that if boat owners do not properly store their vessels, they will face a significant hazard during the winter months.

Mr. Storage will keep your vessel safe and out of the harsh weather elements during this season.

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