Best storage units near me can hold your camping gear

The best storage units near me are perfect if you want to find camping gear storage, as they can hold a lot of things. Many of them can be saved in storage units rather than in the home because they have to be done.  Here are some top tips on how to take care of your camping gear in the Concord Storage Units near me.

Clean tents before putting in your best storage units near me

Before you bring it into your self-storage units near me during the winter, one of the camping gear storage strategies is to ensure that your tent is completely dry and free of any twigs or debris.

Instead of rolling up, it is often preferred to store it loose because it can allow air around the fabric and help protect the waterproofing. Seams should be tested at this point for any weak points that could break once you take your tent in the Concord area out of storage and erect it next time you go camping.

Best self-storage units near me and sleeping bags

There are a lot of sleeping bag types that are useful to keep at home and snuggle up when the weather in the Concord area gets a little cold.

But for serious campers, may have sleeping bags that aren’t a typical shape and not used at home. They should be unrolled and washed and placed in camping storage bins so that the fibers may relax and air may circulate to avoid any moisture from inhibiting the growth of the mold.

Camp kitchen cooking utensils

It is important to clean all of your pans, pots, and coolers with soap and water and dry them thoroughly.

There should not be scraps of food anywhere near your campground equipment to prevent rats or insects from being attracted to your storage units near me. Store the cooler with the lid off to allow air inside and store all pots and pans in resealable bags.

Cutlery can go through the same procedure and should be stashed in a plastic storage box after being stored in plastic to avoid forks knives damaging something.

Concord best storage units near me 

All your best ideas for camping gear storage will extend the life of your tent and your accessories. While they are built to protect against extreme weather, they are stored in climate-controlled storage units near me. 

You may think it’s a lot of space just for your camping gear, but apart from your accommodation and eating utensils, there are plenty of other items you might bring with you: boots, coats, bikes, or even kayaks. If you’re unsure which type of storage unit is best, contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will help you find the ideal storage units.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.