Will a storage unit be good for tires?

Storage space for tires can be vital for a number of reasons. First, they are expensive and it doesn’t matter if you have a vehicle you need to remove the tires, or you have a business where you need to store many sets, it can be frustrating to store them in an ideal space, and to make sure they remain in the best condition.  This quick guide shows how to store tires to prevent them dry rotting, deteriorating or being stolen.

Why do I need tire storage in a Salisbury NC storage unit?

In many places, tires are stored outside, these are often without covers, and the weather, no matter if it is sunny or the middle of winter, and it can affect the life of a tire. Even when tires are stored inside a garage, large swings in the temperature and humidity levels can have a severe impact on performance and the longevity of the rubber.

Tires will degrade over time, yet there are things you can do to delay this. Finding a cool dry place is the best environment for keeping them in the best condition. Your local Salisbury NC facility that has the right sized storage space is ideal, especially if it is a climate-controlled storage unit.

Cleaning tires before they go into a Salisbury NC storage unit

Unless the tires you are storing are brand new, they should be cleaned. Traces of break dust, asphalt and dirt need to be removed. When you use cleaning materials, they shouldn’t be petroleum based as these can affect the rubber over elongated storage periods.

Storage space in the right conditions can keep the sun off your tires

UV rays can affect the life of rubber. If they are in direct sunlight, they can dry out and start to crack. Tires that are not in use should be away from as much light as possible.

There are ways you can do this

  • Cover your tires with UV rated tarpaulins, even covering with a regular tarp can let UV rays through.
  • Tires should be indoors and out of light
  • if needed, you can purchase tire storage bags
  • if tires remain on vehicles, purchase tire covers

Climate controlled storage in Salisbury NC for perfect tires

Cool dry environments are the most suitable conditions for tires and rubber. The temperature and humidity need to be constant without too much swing in either direction.  Conditions that are continually warm are not good for rubber, as is tires that are in the freezing cold, or they are on freezing cold concrete.

Some professionals use opaque plastic for tire storage to prevent oxidization of the rubber. These should not hold any moisture inside as this would let mold breed. Some professionals use vacuum cleaners to suck out as much air as possible before taping them shut.

Stacking tires in the storage unit near me

Storage space can be eaten up with tires if you have a few sets. While in storage, they do need storing in the right manner. If you have tires on rims, these can be hung to ease the pressure on the rubber.

Tires should be stored in an upright position as these prevents deformities. If you are a business, or you have many tires for family vehicles, you can purchase dedicated racks that will sit in your local storage facility. Once a month, these should be turned to make sure there is no pressure on one spot.

Finding the Best Salisbury NC storage 

Depending on the number of tires, you have for storage will dictate the size of storage space you require. To be sure, you have the right one, and the ability to have the right ambient temperatures for tires.

Contact Mr. Storage and the knowledgeable staff will go through everything to do with affordable storage, and help you determine the best-sized unit that can house all your tires and any other belongings you wish to store.

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