What is the best way to keep bugs and rodents from a storage unit?

Storage facilities can be a haven for bugs and pests if you don’t keep clean and take the best prevention. Removing food, storing your items correctly, and picking the right facility does go a long way to protecting your belongings.

If you are concerned, you can try other methods to keep unwanted critters at bay.

Here is some useful information on how to keep your Harrisburg NC storage unit bug free.

Use the right containers for your Harrisburg NC storage unit

The number one way to keep the pests out of your possessions is by packing them in well-sealed bins. The most effective way is to pack in plastic containers, particularly for bedding, fabrics and clothing.

If you are using cardboard boxes, it is advisable to purchase new ones for storage. New boxes are more durable and have fewer holes for pests to enter. They are manufactured with increased durability to support long-term stacking when used in storage facilities.

If you use free packing boxes, be sure not to use boxes or cartons from grocery stores or restaurants. These are known to attract unwanted pests because they may have been in use to store food.

Lift things off your storage unit floor

We all know that rodents and insect can crawl and climb. However, it’s helpful to keep your objects off the ground. The easiest way of doing this is by using garage storage shelves or by placing clean wooden or plastic pallets on the floor.

Plastic can be more desirable because they not only help fend off insects, but can also be used to keep your belongings off the floor. This prevents any cartons soaking up moisture from the concrete in any storage facilities. This step will not only help deter pests from making a home in their boxes, it will also protect their belongings from moisture.

Use natural pest deterrents in your Harrisburg storage unit

You don’t need to be armed with loads of poisons and traps. If you have any form of poison. You will need to check with your local storage facility. They may prohibit their use, and you will need an alternative.

Your local storage facilities probably employ routine professional pest control services. Their methods will be proven and more importantly, they consider human safety. A deterrent like mothballs may appear harmless, but the smell will ruin clothing and furniture. This can be in neighboring units as well as your own. Cedar block are as effective if not more so, and they will make your belongings smell much nicer.

A good insect free storage facility in Harrisburg NC

The most important decision you can make regarding pest control concerns your local storage facilities. Occasionally there is little you can do to avoid pests if your storage facility is poorly maintained by management.

There are warning signs to consider before renting. A well-managed facility will be more suitable because they will have a pest control system in place, as well as having the capability to deal with an infestation promptly.

To find out about your local storage facility, you can contact Mr. Storage and the staff will go through all the pest control procedures and what the facility does on their side to protect your belongings.

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