I have leather coats and furniture, what are my first steps?

Storage for leather can be crucial because it isn’t just a material, which can be stored everywhere. Leather is known for its durability, flexibility and pleasing feel. It is used in clothing, furniture, accessories and even in journals. Nonetheless, particular care has to be exercised in a facility of leather materials to avoid drying, fading, cracks and other damage.

With the use of public facilities, appropriate storage features and special preparations, you can store leather safely in a unit. Here are some tips how to care for your leather belongings.

Preparing your leather goods for storage in Kannapolis NC

Your first step at home is a good cleaning. For furniture, vacuuming all the nooks and crannies. Check clothing pockets, pouches in purses, or other places where debris can settle. These contaminants can cause scratches, and aid in mildew growth.

Use a good quality leather cleaner and dampen the cloth to wipe down the leather. Dry with a lint free towel and condition the leather to ensure it stays soft. Use a good quality conditioner as this is one thing that affects longevity of leather. Pre-storage preparation includes covering or bagging your leather items. Never use plastic shrink-wrap, and use breathable covers to avoid trapping moisture.

Storage features for leather items

Once cleaned and prepared, it’s time to find the right Kannapolis NC features for your leather. When it comes to size, you need the appropriate space for your belongings. If you have small items, you may be able to opt for a 5×5 unit. If you have full leather furniture sets, it may be better to choose 10×10 or 10×20.

Climate control can be crucial for leather. It maintains constant temperatures and humidity levels, which is essential for leather preservation. Find facilities with security features such as video surveillance, onsite management, and electronic gate access.

Putting your things in your Kannapolis NC storage facility

Inside these units, there are still things you need to consider. Even with climate-controlled units, you should never place anything on bare concrete. Some recommend plastic sheets, but this traps moisture underneath. Use pallets to raise furniture off the floor for added protection.

To prevent dust, you should use light cotton sheets. These are soft and allow the air to circulate. On occasion, furniture can benefit from another application of the leather conditioner. This means you need lots of room to maneuver and access into the facility.

To find the best storage unit conditions contact Mr. Storage and the helpful staff can run through all your options, and offer more tips on how to best use a climate-controlled unit for the protection of all your leather goods.

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