Why do I need to care for wooden items if they are undercover?

Storage facilities in Salisbury NC can cater for all your wooden furniture, yet they still need some care and attention to preserve them. Much of this comes down to humidity and dust as the primary offenders. Add to this damage as you rummage around your storage unit, and things can quickly receive a bump or a knock that can ruin them.

Here are some helpful bits of advice how to care for your wooden furniture or belongings while they are in your storage facility.

Treat wood for self storage in Salisbury NC

It doesn’t matter what the surrounding climate is, you will need to treat wooden furniture before putting it into your designated storage facilities. This can be done a couple of weeks before as a first treatment to be sure that the wood absorbs the protective polish or beeswax.

These coatings are usually when you want your furniture to look its best, yet they also protect the wood while it is sat in storage.

Keeping furniture together while in a storage unit

There are many items of wooden furniture, which can be disassembled. This is recommended to make things easier to transport as well as store. Once you do this, be sure to keep legs, headboards or any other part close together.

On top of this, you should keep any fixings in small Ziploc bags so these don’t become lost in your storage facilities. Antique furniture will look out of place if you assemble it with new nuts and bolts, not to mention the decrease in value for doing so.

Never use plastic to cover your furniture in a Salisbury NC storage unit

There is no question that using something as innocent as plastic wrap or sheeting looks a good way to protect wooden furniture. This is the case, yet it can cause more damage than good. Wooden items you have in your storage facilities need to breath. Using plastic prevents this and traps moisture that will quickly attract mold.

Blankets and sheets are the recommended coverings. These offer protection and allow your wooden things to breath. You can use a final sheet of plastic to prevent dust, yet this should never be sealed in a way that stops airflow.

Climate controlled storage in Salisbury NC

The environment can affect Wood. If it is too dry, it can split, and if it is too wet, it can warp. A climate-controlled unit maintains a steady temperature so you have the ideal conditions. Add to this, any wooden things you have should be kept off bare concrete, as anything on top will soak up damp through the floor.

If you need to know more about storage of wooden furniture in a local storage facility, then contact Mr. Storage and the personnel will help find the right sized unit, and offer more storage tips for wooden things, or any other belongings you find will have a good home in your local storage facilities.

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