Is living in a self storage unit a viable option?

Living in storage units in Concord NC is a question some people think about. Storage units are made for a specific purpose. If you have ever found yourself suddenly in the lurch without a place to live because of financial hardship or a natural disaster, where would you go on short notice?

Some individuals call on friends or family, while others may find themselves looking at a self storage unit as an option. These storage facilities can appear like a low cost apartment, yet there are a few downsides to going this route. First, you can find local and federal housing laws probably prohibit it.

Why are Concord NC Storage Units Unsafe?

Storage facilities for their intended purpose are safe, yet for individuals that decide to crash in one for a while, they are not ideal for a number of reasons. First in a line of reasons are the doors lock from the outside. As part of the storage companies checks, a person could accidentally be locked inside the unit.

Second up, there are no windows or natural light entering the unit? Lack of light can have a detrimental effect on mood, and if there is any problem, a window does offer an extra means of escape.

Storage facility amenities are not setup for lodgers

Anyone who thinks staying in his or her unit can be a cheap and comfortable option can have a shock. There are no bathroom amenities, so you have no chance of bathing or washing. As a result, overall hygiene will suffer.

Cooking can also be a problem. Many storage units are not allowed to hold combustible compounds; this means it will be impossible to cook. Adding to this, any scraps of food can entice rodents and insects.

Additional storage unit regulations

Aside from what it would entail to live in storage facilities, there are many other things you can and can’t do. Here are some examples of what is frowned upon to help keep things clean and safe for everyone.

  • Food and perishables: Any kind of foods unless it is canned goods shouldn’t be stored in Concord NC storage units. The storage manager will have regular pest control, and if they are being attracted because of this, they take a dim view of the practice.
  • Plants: This you may think won’t attract rodents, yet plants need light and water. If they don’t get it, they will die and start to rot. This means mold can set in and spread quickly.
  • Large amounts of cash: Storage facilities need additional insurance, and these won’t cover a large amount of cash.

Things prohibited in Concord NC storage facilities

  • Firearms and explosives: This can cover anything, which could lead to a fire. Fireworks, ammunition or even paint thinners are just a couple of things on a long list of what isn’t allowed.
  • Animals: This goes for any kind, even if you have a snake that doesn’t need much attention, these are still prohibited from being kept in local storage facilities near me.
  • Stolen goods: This goes without saying as these are illegal before you even consider storing them.

Finding the right self storage facility in Concord NC

Not everyone will want to live, or try to stay in storage units. So, if you want a local storage company for the right reasons. You can contact Mr. Storage and the staff will run through what you can put into your storage unit as well as help you find the right sized unit at an affordable month-by-month rental rate.

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