Self storage can hold any kind of collectable item you have. As long as you have the ideal unit, and you are setup with the right storage facilities, you can make full use of climate controlled storage to house all your precious belongings.

Here is some more useful information why your local storage facility makes a good secure home for your collectors’ items.

Assess your collection and determine the self-storage unit size

The first thing to do is evaluate your collection. Now that you have a clear idea as to how many articles, you need to pack, it becomes easier to grasp the sizing of the Midland NC, self-storage unit you will require, what packing requirements you need, and if you need garage storage racks.

  • How many collections of cards do you have?
  • Have you got strange-shaped figurines?
  • Do you own framed sports shirts?
  • Do you have heavy items in your collection?

All this may seem tiresome, but an understanding of everything you have and listing it helps you when you’re in your storage unit. When you need to know where everything is, it will be easier to locate, and you can calculate your packing materials as well.

Careful packing can save damage in your Midland NC storage facility

Various objects need to be packaged for storage in a variety of ways. Clothing may seem ideal for being wrapped in plastic; however, they can quickly be ruined. Mold can easily set, which is not good for any collectibles, because the value will plummet to nothing. Bigger items may be wrapped in thin cotton sheets in order to keep dust off them while in self storage.

When you have figurines, these can be bundled in tissue paper or soft cotton, but not newspapers. The inks in printing can leach into many surfaces and become virtually impossible to remove with no damage to the artwork in your collection. Anything made from paper or card should be stored in a climate controlled storage unit. This can stop them from yellowing, curling and becoming stuck to each other. Humidity and moisture will spoil them faster than anything else will.

Using the best Midland NC storage facility for collectors’ items

There is nothing like having an extensive collection of something, which is rare. It is more fun to see the looks on other people’s faces when they see the extent of your collection and the hard work you have done to gather it all together.

If you want to know more how you can care for your collection in Midland self storage, you can contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will go through all you need to know about choosing the best-sized climate controlled self storage unit for your needs.

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