Storage units can help you pack wine glasses safely

Storage in Concord NC helps you store personal items properly and keep them safe. When relocating wine glasses to a new home or putting them in storage, packing them properly might be difficult but is crucial. Here are a few pointers to assist you.

Buying proper boxes

You can purchase good wine glass boxes in many locations, including supermarkets. They often have a handle in the center and holes for each wine glass. Your glasses won’t be completely protected by the boxes against the elements, but they will be kept apart and won’t be knocked into one another while being transported. If your wine glasses are particularly valuable, keep in mind to invest in the strongest boxes you can, and think about finding out if your cheap storage organization supplies these boxes.

Fill the glasses

Unfortunately, there is no need to pour wine into your wine glasses at this time. As an alternative, you must stuff them with paper. This holds the glass in place and increases their weight, making them heavier and less mobile.

Wrap them properly

You must cover the glass completely once you have placed the additional protection. The wine glasses must not be wrapped together since they will bang against one another. Rather, carefully wrap each one with newspaper, bubble wrap, or thick tissue paper. Fill the spaces between the wrapped glasses if they are being placed in a regular box to prevent the items from shifting around.

Focus on the weakest area of the glass

The glass needs additional protection because its stem is its weakest component. The stem will break if it is put under a lot of strain. Use thick packing, such as bubble wrap, to safeguard the stem. Simply cut a bubble wrap piece into a long strip that is the same length as the stem. Then wrap it around a few times and secure it using sellotape.

Label your boxes properly

Be sure to designate fragile objects as such. Use packing tape to secure the entire box if they are in a regular box so it won’t break apart when you pick it up. If possible, put labels on every side of the box so that the word “fragile” is visible regardless of where the box is placed. This will prevent anyone from placing the box underneath heavier boxes in the moving truck, self-storage facility, or wherever you decide to store your priceless glasses.

Reserve storage units in Concord NC

Storing glass can be difficult, but following these tips can help make a huge difference. Find the best storage unit in Concord NC for the best results.

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