Spring cleaning can also affect your local storage facility unit

Storage facility cleaning in Kannapolis, NC

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Storage facility cleaning is just as crucial in your self storage unit as spring cleaning is in the home. While you may not be in there all the time, it can be much healthier when you begin searching through your belongings.  Researchers found there are 45 toxic compounds found in dust, so if you want to help eliminate this, read on for some useful tips.

Using garage storage shelves and plastic boxes in your Kannapolis NC storage unit

When packing your items for storage, you should consider plastic boxes rather than cardboard. These create an easy-to-clean environment. Just be sure your items inside stay dry if you live in humid areas. Good air flow can prevent mold and mildew.

Cardboard has crevices and cracks where dust can settle. Air-tight, plastic containers are the better choice. Plastic boxes are easier to clean with wet wipes, microfiber dusters or even just damp cloths. Adding garage storage shelves inside your storage unit aid in making boxes easier to wipe and keep clean.

Vacuum-sealed bags are a great way to store linen, these can limit damage from the environment. Storage facility cleaning is as much a healthy area rather than just a clean one.

Maintain storage facility cleaning materials in your unit

If you have to remember to take cleaning supplies to your Kannapolis NC storage unit, you may forget something. Avoid forgetting by keeping a stockpile in a plastic box inside your storage unit. You should plan to spend a quick five-ten minute cleaning each time you visit your unit. This will save one major cleanup.

If you have thick layers of dust in your unit already, you should use a vacuum to get up what you can and then use a damp microfiber cloth to finish.

When cleaning, dust in one direction. Never move a duster back and forth, as this is what sends dust in the air. Although it doesn’t stop dust, climate-controlled storage units can reduce it. Also, these units are inside, and there will be less environmental dust coming under the doors.

How to keep your Kannapolis NC storage unit clean

When you are cleaning your storage unit, it can make things much easier and bearable each time you visit. There are specific ways you can keep different items clean, but all of these storage tips are designed to help minimize dust on your belongings.

If you want to find out more on your storage facility cleaning, you can contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will go through the difference between an external unit and a climate-controlled unit and how this can dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning you will need to do.

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