Storage units help keep your RV safe and in the best condition

Storage facility in Harrisburg NC helps store large items including cars, boats, RVs, and motorcycles. An RV will barely fit in your garage, so it is important to find additional storage space. The storage units will keep the RV in the best condition and secure until you can use it again. Here are some of the best storage tips for keeping your RV in a storage unit.

Clean before storage

Your paint can be ruined by sap, salt, and bird droppings. To protect the finish, give your automobile a thorough wash and apply a fresh coat of wax. Make careful to vacuum up all the crumbs and thoroughly clean the interior. If you don’t get rid of anything edible, bugs might try eating off your paint which might cause it to lose the glossy finish.

Disconnect car batteries

In order to prevent the battery from being drained, disconnect the battery. A drained battery will have problems starting your car and may force you to buy a new one when you want to use your RV. Buying batteries is costly, so you should keep different options and make sure that it remains effective. To keep your battery fresh and prepared to start your car, if possible, bring it home and charge it there.

Turn off the propane in your RV and winterize

Disconnect your propane tank from your unit and shut off all of your stove valves. Make sure to also empty and clean your waste tanks. If your area freezes, blast all water lines with pressurized gas and fill the drains with RV-specific antifreeze.

Leaving propane within your RV will be going against the policies of the storage company. Try turning off the propane and removing it to prevent the risk of exploding propane cylinders.

Protect your tires

Put your car or recreational vehicle on jack stands to unload the tires if it will be months before it is moved. If you don’t, they might develop flat areas that would make driving dangerous.

Use a car cover

If you’re keeping your car in an open area, a car cover is an excellent choice because it will shield the inside and finish from sun damage. Even in shaded areas, your car cover can help protect the finish of your car and keep it glossy.

#1 storage facility in Harrisburg NC for your vehicle

An amazing storage facility option for your RV will help keep it secure until you plan to go on the road again. Work with the best storage facility in Harrisburg NC for top results.

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